Dance CompetitivelY

Competition can be an important part of the ballroom dance experience. It provides a wonderful tool through which every student can challenge themselves regardless of their level of dancing.

Pro-Am Competition consists of a professional instructor dancing with an amateur student. This is a great opportunity for the student to experience the thrill of competitive dancing with the safety net of a professional's experience to guide them. 

Competitive categories are broken down into age categories, levels of proficiency, and hours of instruction taken. New students may compete after only 25 lessons in the Novice division! 
Some people compete for fun and others for the challenge. In the end, the result is the same — their dancing improves.

Competitions also offer a wide array of social settings from casual breakfasts through formal banquets. Best of all they encourage camaraderie between individuals with a common interest. Each competition is a new learning experience and a fascinating opportunity to expose oneself to great dancing.

Should you be more seriously interested in competition, we also offer coachings, seminars and workshops with the best coaches and choreographers in the United States and Europe. These individuals also work with the best competitive professionals in our studio while they are here as well as other professionals from the metropolitan area who avail themselves of these coaches' "limited engagement" presence at our Fred Astaire West Side.