Fred Astaire Dance Studios have given the joy of ballroom dancing to tens of thousands of New Yorkers for almost 60 years. This is the original Fred Astaire Dance Studio, founded in 1947 by Fred Astaire, himself.

Top Studio for the 11th year in a row

April Showers won't rain on our parade!

Join us for our next Pratice Party on Friday, April 25th. It will be an evening of music, drinks, and of course, fabulous dancing!!

Party hours: 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM.

Bring a guest and receive a free lesson!

*The free lesson will be applied to your account after your guest purchases any of the dance packages.

Philadelphia Festival Dancesport Championships

The distinguished Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel was where the competition took place this year. It is a remarkable hotel sorrounded by many historic landmarks and local museums. They welcomed many dancers that came to compete at the event from many differents parts of the country. Let's hear it for our students that represented the West Side proudly: Michael Barosky, Giovanni Fortezza and Philip Widlanski!

Indianapolis Open Dancesport Competition

This year the competition took place in the Grand Ballroom of the beautiful Westin Hotel. They accommodated many dancers that came from around the globe to compete at the event. We are honored to give a special acknowledgement to our students that represented the West Side: Giovanni Fortezza and Philip Widlanski!

St Louis Star Ball Championships

This year the competition was held at the lovely Renaissance St Louis Airport Hotel. Many talented dancers from all around the country competed at the event. We would like to congratulate our winner from the West Side: Giovanni Fortezza!!


Located at the famed intersection of Park Place and The Boardwalk, Bally’s Atlantic City is the ideal place to take advantage of the city that’s “Always Turned On.”

Chic and stylish with a Cosmopolitan elegance, Bally’s offers worldclass gaming, dining, spa experiences, entertainment and nightlife, all in a center Boardwalk location.

Once you’ve had your fill of fun and excitement, the accommodations at Bally’s offer inviting interiors and a wealth of amenities designed to make your stay a luxurious one.

The West Side is proud to announce the success of our students: Robert Bozic, Giovanni Forteza, Cecelia Gilchriest, Katherine Hoffman, Allison Schultz, Barbara Selz, Marina Thomas and Philip Widlanski.

Valentine's Day at the Edison Ballroom

The West Side enjoyed a fun evening monopolizing the dance floor at the Edison Ballroom with dinner, drinks, and great dancing.

Our students and teachers enjoyed a fun night in great company.






Maryland Dancesport Challenge

Let's hear it for the boys!

It was guys’ night out last night at Maryland Dancesport in the Open Rhythm Scholarships. Gentlemen students won all 3!

Xavier Paol Aria w/ Mariangeles Moussou won all dances in the A, Giovanni Fortezza w/ Jolanta Mosteika won all danes in the B and Philip Widlanski w/ Jolanta Mosteika won the C 2,1,1,1T,1. (Courtesy of Dancebeat)

Mariangeles is an old acquantaince of the Westside studio and we met her 5 years ago during the Argentina competition and we reconnected. Philip, starting from a semifinal, had a strong win against 3 of this past Ohio Starball finalists. He also came back from almost a one year period of inactivity.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Trophy System

It has long been known that the most successful procedure in any field of learning is to reward students at various levels of achievement. The Fred Astaire Dance Studios developed this idea into an organized format known as the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Trophy System which is based on the achievements of various levels of accomplishment in Ballroom dancing.

Hot New Year's Fitness Trend: Boogy to Better Health!

In a recent American College of Sports Medicine Survey, the top 10 fitness trends of 2014 include dance. Dancing offers all three in a fun, creative space. "Dance provides the health benefits people crave in an exhilarating environment that changes with new moves and easy-to-learn routines so you don't get bored or frustrated," says Jack Rothweiler, President and CEO of Fred Astaire Dance Studios. "There can be gain without pain! Studies prove dance helps people lose weight and feel better -- both mentally and physically -- while having a great time!" (Courtesy of The Paramus Post)

Dance Among the Stars 2013

On Thursday, June 27 Fred Astaire and GOYA presented Dance Among the Stars 2013 and the GOYA Foods Salsa Dance Off to benefit the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry.

The show this year was sponsored by GOYA Foods and featured our very own Fred Astaire stars and their instructors. Along with five television network celebrities that squared off in the the Goya Salsa Dance Off – a dance competition (ala Dancing with the Stars). Our NY celebrities, David Ushery of NBC, Audrey Puente of FOX, Hazel Sanchez of CBS, Liliana Ayende of Univision and Jonathan Inoa of NY1, gave battle on the dance floor and rallied the crowd. Liliana Ayende of Univision with her instructor/partner Tim Shalnev took home the first place trophy.

Thanks to the celebrities participating in our show we had network coverage from NBC, FOX, Univision and NY1. Check out the coverage on our video page.



FOX Coverage Dance Among the Stars 2013

Thanks to the GOYA Salsa Dance off and the participation of network celebrities we received network coverage from NBC, FOX and Univision. Here is the the clip from FOX.

Fred Astaire In Step

This year's show was also featured and reported on by the Fred Astaire organization on a National scale. Do you wonder what the high school does with the contributions they receive?

Click on the link and download the article.

Latest Photos

A mambo performance

From Fred and Ginger to Dancing With The Stars, ballroom dancing has its share of legends. This year, for the first time in the US, you had the opportunity to see today's living legends all in one place, at the historic Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Your favorite dancers performed shows in this year's spectacular!

Two of these legends we have the pleasure of watching rehearse everyday at our studio. Watch Philip and Jolanta as they dance their favourite mambo on a star studded stage among the other legends.

Video courtesy of the organizers.